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What is Merlot Developments Experience?

Merlot Developments has been in business exclusively off the lands in and around Thomas Street, Dieppe for almost 20 years.  We are one of the most experienced builders in Dieppe and pride in our expertise in Multi-Unit housing.  Unlike most builders, we do not build outside our sub-division, therefor, we can provide quality construction and service in a concentrated area.  We are one of the few Certified Master Builders currently in the industry.

What is the warranty on our new home?

The warranty in the first year is covered bumper to bumper through Merlot Developments Ltd.  After this, Atlantic Home Warranty Program takes over and covers a structual warranty for a total of 7 years.  Keep in-mind that the warranty starts the day you take possession of your new home and not when the home was built.  You can find Atlantic Home Warranty for further information at

I am worried about sound-proofing within the unit, should I be concerned?

Absolutely not! We have been providing superior sound proofing solutions within our homes for almost 20 years.  Everything from our walls and floor systems not touching the neighbouring home which virtually eliminates the transfer of vibrational (impact) noise, to a series of staggered stud walls, insulation, air sealing, air gaps, and doubling up of the firewall to ensure that the acoustic noise is kept within your home an d not transferred to a neighhour.  We tell our clients that you will most likely hear something from outside with a window close rather than noise from the neighbouring home!!!

Are there any monthly fees like a condo?

There are no fees with these Townhomes.  The term that is used to describe them are called "Freehold" which means each owner own's there property both on the inside and out.  Therefor, owners have no monthly fees but are responsible for any maintenance which is normally less than most condo fees.  Also, there is no association which ensures the owner can modified the inside and/or outside of there home without approval but within the guidelines of the City of Dieppe and Restrictive Covenants.

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