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About Us!

2016-17  and 2019-20 New Brunswick
Best Multi-Unit Project

BabineauCreek and Customer Choice Award!!!

Our Beginnings


Merlot Developments Ltd. (Merlot) was first started in 1997 with the investment of over 80 acres of lands on each side of Thomas Street, Dieppe, New Brunswick.  Merlot has grown this firm by continual day-to-day management and re-investment which is where Merlot is presently positioned.  The company 4 years ago has acquired lands next to it's first acquisition, ensuring that the community that it has created will be an on-going growing one for years to come. Merlot specializes in multi-unit dwellings and has over 400 homes to it's credit today.

Buy with confidence as our company is a Certified Master-Builder through the Canadian and New Brunswick Builders Association!

Client First Philosophy

Merlot knows that without our clients, we wouldn’t have a business. That’s why we always put every need of the clients as top priority.

It’s our goal to make sure each and every client has a stress-free, enjoyable and harmonious home building experience.

When you build or purchase a home with Merlot,  you can choose and customize your home to your taste. Merlot offers the highest standard of quality at a lower price than you will pay with many other home builders. Since we only build a limited amount of homes per year all within the same sub-divison we have lower overhead which translates into better service and better management of resources.

Finally, when your keys are handed over, and you’re in possession of your new home, you can guarantee it’s 100% finished. There won’t be any need to call Merlot as it will be done right the first time.

Merlot Developments is also a long term member of the Atlantic Home Warranty Program, Greater Moncton Home Builder's Association, New Brunswick Home Builder's Association and Canadian Home Builder's Association.

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